A Special Tribute To Boston and God’s Promise!

A Special Tribute To Boston and God’s Promise!

StethoscopeOn Monday morning, April 15, 2013, I arrived early at the hospital where I work to attend the birth of a family’s beautiful twins.  Much like I did on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I witnessed new life being brought into the world while so many others experienced the sad devastation of lives lost!  I first heard about the tragic news of what had happened at the Boston marathon later on Monday afternoon when I went to check on the twins with their mom in her room.  The TV was on a news station that was giving the sad chain of events as reporters tried to piece together bits of information as they learned of them.  We were all stunned as we watched the details of what had taken place in Boston.  As I glanced over at the twin’s parents, they seemed to be holding their babies just a little tighter.  The Boston bombings reminded me of the wise words of a doctor I worked with on another horrific day in our nation’s history when a young mother who had just given birth couldn’t help but wonder aloud that her baby’s birthday would always be overshadowed by the attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001.  I remember feeling so sad about the torn emotions of this new mom at what should have been a joyous occasion for her family.  However, her thoughtful delivering physician stated, without reservation, that her baby’s birth was a positive exclamation point to a sad day of painful heartache!  Monday’s events in Boston serve as a good reminder for us to always pay special tribute to those we love and the positive influence they are in our lives!

I have a family of runners!  Like so many of the people who lined the streets in Boston on Monday, I have been the spectator along the sidelines cheering behind barricades with my camera poised, ready to capture the perfect picture of the tired, yet triumphant smiles of family members as they anticipate the finish line.  It’s always a cumulative celebration of the sheer grit and determination sustained throughout the race, as well as the many training hours endured!  I can’t even imagine a race ending like it did at the Boston marathon this past Monday!

Marathon runners www.mytributejournal.com

Due to super storm Sandy, New York’s marathon was cancelled last year, but my daughter, Mandi has qualified to run in it this year and her dad hopes to join her.  The race will definitely serve as a tribute to the tenacity of the people of this great city…also, to the people in Boston–to everyone in America trying to be strong during hard times!   

Recently, while reorganizing some papers and files, I came across a poem that my daughter, Mandi, wrote for a grade school sponsored “Reflections” contest when she was perhaps eleven or twelve.  Her words seem wise beyond her years at the time.  I hope that at the very least, this poem will provide some sort of healing perspective to the unbelievably sad circumstances in Boston this week.

gods promise poem

What I’m trying to learn again now is…

My parents always taught me to cherish life…..perhaps that’s why I chose my profession!  It’s so hard to even conceive of a world without our loved ones in it when we lose them.  Despite so much tragedy in the world today; most recently at the Boston marathon, what I’m trying to learn again now is that there really is such decency in the world too.  May we always strive to be examples of all that is good and decent in life, so that our children and grandchildren can carry that influence forward for their generations and the ones to come!

I know this is just a small little blog, but I hope you’ll share ways to heal our hearts from these tragedies and how we can stay strong and be happy in looking forward to the future.   



Life Lessons And Easter Blessings!

Life Lessons Learned

This is a wonderful list I came across a few years ago.  Regina Brett, who wrote a column for the local newspaper, The Plain Dealer, in Cleveland, Ohio, made this list to celebrate life lessons learned while getting older!  I suppose at any age there are life lessons learned that shape the character and soul of each person.   I know when my father got older, he was a bit reflective on occasion and would tell us that he was somewhat sobered by the ability to look ahead with certainty to only about five, ten or at the very most, perhaps just fifteen years, instead as in the past to twenty, thirty or fifty years.  After his leukemia diagnosis, he seemed especially grateful for a life well lived and the lessons life had taught him!

Life Lesson and easter blessings! www.mytributejournal.com

I hope this list helps inspire all of us to think of the lessons in life we have learned so far… and be glad that we’re still learning more!

Wishes for Best Easter Blessings

Easter Basket

Spring is my favorite time of year!  I love opening windows, getting outside again and sprucing things up in the yard after the long winter months.  As everything takes on a new freshness, it just seems inevitable that we should take note of all our blessings!

“Open my eyes to see wonderful things.”  –Psalm 119:18  Celebrating Easter

What I’m learning now is…

During the last months of my father’s life, while experiencing the weakness of illness and disease, he made the comment that his body had been a good friend to him!  “My parents blessed me with a healthy body,” he said, “it has most certainly helped me accomplish many important things throughout my life.”  What I’m learning now is that time and age seem to play a significant role in helping people truly be in awe of the many blessings life offers!  This being the case, I hope we can all nurture our inner wise, old souls!  

What are some of the life lessons you’ve learned?  Share them and add to the list above! 



Rules To Live By…Especially When We Make Them Ourselves!

Just in case you looked at the title of this journal entry and thought I was going to renege on the constraint I used on my last post to forego a long list of New Year’s resolutions, don’t worry, I promise that’s not the case!  I’ve just been feeling a little bit of the January doldrums, wishing I could break free of some of my obligations and “fly the coop” so to speak!  I think we all feel the urge to nurture the more spontaneous facets of our personalities once in a while, and perhaps be a little less predictable; after all, doing so can be so much fun!  Then I saw this clip on a recent morning show about a lost rule book and decided that if we’re creative and use our imaginations, following rules can be just as much fun!  Well, almost as much fun!  As I watched this story about the rule book, I was not only intrigued with who might have penciled these unique words of wisdom, I also found myself equally fascinated with who the parents might be, they are obviously raising an insightful child with a wise and conscientious soul!  In the world we live in today, where breaking the rules too often gets our attention the most, knowing that a lost rule book can also create a small sensation is refreshing!  (Since my son is finishing up his dental studies, I especially liked the rule about not biting the dentist!)  May the ripple effect of this ingenious little rule book be felt for a very long time!

My son, Jake, who is attending dental school in Buffalo, New York, once sent me this picture he’d taken on a downtown street in upstate New York.  Knowing that he’d been taught that rules were usually made for our own good, he knew his dad and I would get a chuckle from the seemingly conflicted free-spirit who painted this wisdom on city property, but seemed to recognize that order and rules usually have a positive effect on our success in life…can’t you just hear your own parents expressing this same advice!

Grafitti (4)

What I’m learning now is…

Life offers so many ways to be happy and successful.  One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain where he says, “Always do right.  This will gratify some people and astonish the rest!   What I’m learning now is that living within the constraints that society may place on us, either by the laws of the land or accepted social graces, we are best served if we recognize that depending on our outlook, rules will either broaden our ability to seek after our dreams or laden us with the inability to gain a good perspective on what life has to offer!

Please share a rule that you live by and how it helps make a difference in your life!  I would love to collect these and create our own rule book right here!  

I’ll go first:  My mom taught me thisrule” when I was young, and continued to show me what a good rule it really is by how she exemplified it throughout her life!


It’s my sincere wish that we can all know true success as we follow the rules that help make us better people!


Speaking of my son, Jake, I want to give him a big CONGRATULATIONS!  He found out that he passed his dental boards last week!   I remember when he was in the second grade, his teacher wrote on his report card that Jake was an “eager learner”!  Little did I know then what path his life would take at that point, but he has indeed made the learning process seem very fascinating!   I recently asked Jake how he would describe his experience at dental school, he replied without hesitation that it was a rollercoaster ride, very intense, but so incredibly interesting!  Amazing job, Jake!  If anyone can make going to the dentist the least bit enjoyable, it is you!  You’ve worked so hard and you and Whitney deserve only the best as you embark on your next “venture” together!

jake dental pic

Update–January 29, 2013:  Even though it says there are “no rules” to doing what it suggests in this statement, I wish I could do better at living this way!


                                                 …and this on February 7, 2013 Love this–happy living!tumblr_mcbael9cb71qkxrtro2_1280