No Worries!

No Worries!  What I Hope To Bring Home From My Vacation Besides Souvenirs!

Dominican Republic beach.

My husband and I just got back from a marvelous week in Dominican Republic for a work/play convention sponsored by a company he often uses for many of his client’s investment portfolios.  It always takes some adjustment getting back into the regular routine of things after being away from home for awhile, but in hopes of extending that wonderful feeling of being on vacation, here’s a few things I’d like to carry over to my everyday life from our trip!

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Greet others with a warm smile and a happy hello!

Don't worry, be happy!

Obviously, it’s part of their job description, but we were always greeted with big bright smiles and a genuine “Hola” by all the workers at our resort.  My husband asked one consistently cheerful greeter if he was always so jovial, and his reply was that by wishing everyone a happy day, it automatically made his day better too!  “If you are happy señor, then I am happy.”  We believed him and we were all happy!  Why is it so hard to remember that in the large scheme of things, seeing another’s happiness most often creates our own!

Tropical flowers


Be awestruck!

No Worries!


No Worries!  Zip lines over Punta Cana Forrest in Dominican Republic.

We are all in awe of the unique beauty of new places when we travel!  I love how the people of the various countries I’ve had the privilege of visiting often show such pride in their heritage and gorgeous country sides.  I’m also impressed that so many of these lovely people work hard to carry on the vocations and talents of their forefathers.  I’ll always cherish the special memories I have of the amazing cultures I’ve had the opportunity of seeing, but as I arrive home and pick up on my regular routine again, I want to remind myself to remember to look around and be aware of the beauty that is in my own backyard, so to speak!

 Tropical cocnut


Don’t worry, be happy!

No Worries!  www.mytributejournal.comDespite the language barrier at times, there was always a “can do” attitude among all the native people of Dominican Republic.  I think both mine and my husband’s overall life expectancy gained a few years due to the considerate attitude of these kind people and their willingness to put any of our concerns immediately at ease.  A typical response to any requests we had was a resounding, “No worries, I can help you with that!”  I want to do better at being that supportive shoulder to lean on when someone else is feeling overwhelmed with the “busy-ness” of their lives!

Tropical flowers



Escape the “popular” crowd! 

No Worries!

Don't worry, be happy!  www.mytributejournal.comMy husband had some work obligations he attended to during some of the time we were away, but for the most part we had a fair amount of free time.  It’s often easy to let the lure of the crowds and other festivities keep you too busy and your days filled up with extracurricular activities when you travel.  A favorite spot of mine was the veranda just off of our room and the beautiful, peaceful view there–my husband and I made a point to sneak away from his work group and spend some time alone while we were on vacation.  Alas, now that we’re back home, our busy schedules will begin to pull us in various different directions again, so I really want to remember those quiet times together and do better at continuing them here at home–even if it requires some special planning.  It’s certainly not rocket science to realize that other facets of our lives will be better if we take the time to revitalize our relationship with our spouses!

No Worries!

It’s always hard to leave a beautiful vacation spot behind and come home to our usual worries and daily obligations, but if we try and incorporate a little of what made our trip so wonderful into our regular routine, then perhaps a part of us will always feel like we’re on vacation and our everyday lives will be better, not only for us, but for everyone we associate with at home too!

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What are some special places you’ve loved visiting and how do you bring a little piece of a wonderful vacation home with you?


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