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I’ve learned that everyone has something to teach and something to learn!

Admirable Women! The Adventurous Spirit Of Amelia Earhart!

Admirable Women!

Continuing with another journal entry in the admirable women series…I want to celebrate the adventurous spirit of Amelia Earhart.  In July of this year, History Channel’s documentary “Amelia Earhart–The Lost Evidence”  renewed interest in researching the mysterious disappearance in 1937 of Earhart and her flight navigator, Fred Noonan, when new evidence and pictures were found of the pair as she attempted to become the first pilot to fly around the world.  Regardless of how she died, Amelia Earhart will forever be a lasting symbol of the tenacity and perseverance of American women!

Admirable Women!

I imagine any young girl who has studied the adventurous life of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to make a solo transatlantic flight, in history class, envisioned herself a little more daring…and a little more determined to follow her dreams, no matter what they were–I know I did!

The Adventurous Spirit Of Amelia Earhart!

Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24, 1897.  In reading about Amelia’s early life, you soon realize that she defied traditional gender roles at a fairly young age…she played basketball, took auto mechanics courses, excelled in chemistry, and served as a Red Cross nurse’s aid during World War I in Toronto, Canada, where she spent most of her spare time watching the pilots in the Royal Flying Corps train at the local airfields.

Amelia Earhart quote.

Airplane clip art.



Ten Fun Facts About Amelia Earhart!


1. When Amelia Earhart was eleven years old, in 1908, she saw one of the Wright Brothers first airplanes at the Iowa State Fair.  She didn’t think much of the plane at the time, and told her mother she had no interest in flying.

2. On December 28, 1920, Amelia and her father visited an air show in California and Amelia went on her first plane ride that day.  She later said that she knew she had to fly as soon as the plane got a few hundred feet off the ground.

3. Another pioneering female aviator, Anita “Neta” Snook, taught Earhart how to fly at Kinner Field near Long Beach, California.  Amelia worked hard at a variety of jobs from freelance photographer to being a truck driver so she could earn enough money to take flying lessons.  According to the official Amelia Earhart biography website, Earhart immersed herself in flying and spent as much time as she could at the airfield.  Not wanting to stand out from the other more experienced pilots, Amelia cropped her hair and even slept in her new leather jacket several nights to give it a more “worn” look.

The Adventurous Spirt of Amelia Earhart!

“Flying is not all clear sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.”  Amelia Earhart

 4. Amy Earhart, Amelia’s mother, an adventurer herself, (the first woman to ever climb Pikes Peak in Colorado) encouraged her daughter’s passion for flying and even used some inheritance money to help Amelia buy a second-hand plane six month’s after her first flying lessons.  It was bright yellow, so she nicknamed it “The Canary” and set her sights on establishing herself as a respected aviator, always displaying remarkable talent and bravery.  In 1923, she became the first woman to get a pilot’s license from the National Aeronautic Association. (NAA) 

 5. Amelia Earhart wrote several articles that were published in Cosmopolitan magazine–ie. “Shall Your Daughter Fly” and “Why Are Women Afraid To Fly” recounting her adventures as a female pilot in an attempt to encourage other women to fly, even if they just did so commercially.  (While commercial flights didn’t really take off until after WWII, they do date back to as early as 1914.)  

Strong Women quote by Amelia Earhart.

 “The most effective way to do it…is to do it! ” Amelia Earhart

 6. In 1929, Amelia Earhart organized and then became the first president of the “Ninety Nines” a group of 99 women pilots that promoted advancement in aviation for women.  The organization still exists today and provides scholarships and education for women who share the passion of flying.

 7. The publicist, George Putnam, who had published several writings by the renowned pilot, Charles Lindbergh, proposed to Amelia Earhart six times before she agreed to marry him.  Amanda Hess, of the New York Times, recently found a letter penned by Earhart prior to her marriage, where she states that she would not quit flying, and that she and George should not “…interfere with the others’ work or play.”  In 1939, after Earhart’s death, Putnam authored Amelia’s biography, entitled “Soaring Wings” as a tribute to his beloved wife.

 8. After a series of record-making flights, Amelia Earhart created flying clothes for women that were mostly comprised of loose trousers and zipper tops with big pockets.  Later, she designed a fashion line that she described as being “…clothes for the woman who lives actively!”  The clothing debuted with much anticipation and fanfare in 1933 at RH Macy & Co. in New York City.    

Amelia Earhart's clothing line.

 “Nothing is achieved by people who give up!”   Amelia Earhart

9. Although Amelia Earhart may be best known for being the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, she was also the first person to ever fly solo from Honolulu to Oakland, and from Los Angeles to Mexico City, and from Mexico City to Newark, New Jersey.

10. In June of 1937, Amelia Earhart embarked upon the first around-the-world flight.  On July 2, after completing nearly two-thirds of her historic flight–over 22,000 miles–Amelia and her navigator vanished without a trace, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

Amelia Earhart final flight.

“Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done!”  Amelia Earhart

There are many theories concerning the disappearance of Amelia Earhart on her last fateful flight; some speculate that she ran our of gas looking for her next fuel stop on the Howard Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Others have thought she may have crashed landed on another small island and died as a cast-away.  Some have even theorized that she and her navigator were captured by the Japanese and accused by their leaders of espionage.

Whatever your beliefs, I hope that Amelia Earhart is remembered most for being a strong female figure who encouraged the empowerment of women, in the best sense of the term, who radiated kindness, strength and independence and eschewed conventional female roles and forged new ones for herself and other women who would follow in the future!  She truly was an admirable woman!


Here’s to each of us finding the courage to live out our dreams…no matter our age!

Do you have a favorite history book female role model?  How did they influence your life.  Please share!  


Oh September!

Oh September!

After a busy summer and record breaking heat where I live in Utah, I’m more than ready for the cooler temperatures and the fall lull of September.

Oh September!

“Life starts all over again…when it gets cool and crisp in the fall!”      F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve often heard the statement that autumn is mother nature’s second spring…if that’s the case, then it’s all the more reason to make the most of September!

Making It A September To Remember!

I love that I live where I get to experience all four seasons!  For me, September is that ideal mix of lingering summer activities that converge with the rich colors and mild weather of fall.mSeptemberQuoteHere are a few of the things I look forward to this month–as I try to make it a September to remember…

• Fall Harvest!

Come early fall, my husband and I are always excited to pick some of the fresh vegetables from our small garden, but we also love visiting some of the fun fruit stands that pop up along some of the back roads around our hometown.

Fall fruit stands.

“Autumn is the mellow season–where what we lose in flowers, we more than gain in fruits.”  Samuel Butler

I don’t think there is anything quite like the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, eaten fresh or grilled to perfection, as you enjoy those last family BBQ’s of the season.  (We buy corn at a local family farm stand where the kids raise and sell the corn to earn money for college tuition and extracurricular school activities; how great is that!) 

Grilled corn.

“You don’t have to cook complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients!”  Julia Child

• Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Speaking of yummy fall foods…how about all the warm, pumpkin spiced, comfort foods we love to eat this time of year!  This simple recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake that my daughter came across, is a fall staple in our family.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spice Cake recipe!

This recipe is great for cookies or muffins too.  I’ve seen people drizzle it with a powdered sugar glaze or frost with cream cheese frosting.  I sprinkle on a few extra chocolate chips before putting it in the oven. 


This recipe is easy to make and so moist and delicious!    

• Back To School!

While I thoroughly love summer…my father instilled in me a great love for going to school and getting a good education!

Back to school.

Come the first day of school…my dad would often crank up the old Gene Autry cowboy song, “Back In The Saddle Again” –whenever I started a new school year; while I didn’t think it was very funny at the time…traditions die hard, and I ended up doing the same to my kids!  (They are following suit and play it for their kids going to school too!) 

• Beautiful Earth Tones!

I’m a 70’s hippie throw-back of sorts–so the deep earth tone colors of fall definitely speak to my heart!

Fall mums.

(J & J Garden Center)

Mueller Park leaves

(Mueller Canyon Park)

Whether you are just making a stop at a local nursery, or going on a hike at a nearby park, you can’t help but feel that all is right with the world, even for a brief time, as you view all the gorgeous fall foliage.

• Sweater Weather!

Believe me, I love the casual days of capri’s and flip-flops, but come summer’s end, I have to admit, I kind of get excited to pull on a comfy knit sweater, maybe a plaid scarf and some fun leather boots.

Fall is sweater weather!

I know, it’s still 90+ degrees outside…but it’s never too early to start planning ahead for cooler weather; my fall “go to” is usually a great cable-knit sweater in a fun fall color and some leggings.

(I bought this sweater on sale last year at Miss Iny, but I’ve seen some darling sweaters recently at local stores like H & M and Gap.) 

Fall plaid scarf.

…and yes, please give me all the pretty plaid scarves for fall!

(You won’t be surprised to hear that Target has a great selection of scarves.)

• Anticipating the Holidays!

I always look forward to my annual Halloween Festival with my grandkids…and since Halloween décor and trinkets make their debut in stores with the back to school supplies, it’s easy to get a head start on the items needed for my party in September.  My grandchildren love to start planning their cute costumes now too!!

Halloween costumes.

I love the spirit of Halloween and the energy that comes with it!  Katharine Hepburn

• Helping Texas!

I also want to express my deep heartache at all the devastation Texas has had to withstand this past week…may September be a month of recovery and new beginnings for them!  I hope we can all try and find at least one way, however small, to help out.  If you scroll to the end of this article, it lists a variety of resources available to offer assistance.  You’re in our thoughts and prayers, Texas!

Help Texas!

“We rise by lifting others!”  Robert Ingersoll

I hope it’s a fall of sweet surprises for all of you!

What are some of the things that make fall a magical time for you?


Cinderella Days! Fairy Gardens!

Cinderella Days!  Fairy Gardens!

Cinderella Days! www.mytributejournal.comI’ve enjoyed sharing some special “Cinderella Days” this summer with my older granddaughters, Makena and Marli.  I love seeing them grow into such delightful little ladies!  Recently, we did an activity that combined my love of all things gardening with their fanciful and creative imaginations …..as well as a little magic!  Making a fairy garden with any of the daughters or granddaughters in your life should prove to be some of the best fun you have had in a long time!

Making A Magical Fairy Garden!

First and foremost, no matter your age–my granddaughter’s have taught me that it’s important to always believe in magic…..and a little bit of fairy dust too!

Tinker Belle quote

In preparation for making our fairy garden, I shopped my local garden stores, (most have a whole area dedicated to fairy gardens) and found a few good online resources as well, that had some great deals on fun and unique fairy accessories.

Whatever you can dream up, there seems to be no limit to the number of darling trinkets you’ll find that will go along with any style of fairy garden you want to create!  Here are a few of the things I purchased for our fairy garden and the places I found that had the best prices.

Making a fairy garden.

This retro mini camper set the theme for my granddaughter’s mini fairy garden—I think it spoke to their carefree spirits!  (I bought our camper at amazon.com, but it’s available at other online mini garden stores.)

Fairy garden accessories.

Fairy garden accessories are adorable…..you can’t help but want to become a fairy yourself!  (I found that FactoryDirectCraft.com had a wide assortment of fun fairy garden supplies with good pricing and fast shipping.)

Containers for your fairy gardens are as diverse as the accessories and strictly personal preference–you might want to go with something that goes with your existing flowerpot yard décor.  I found that keeping it fairly shallow made the fairies and supplies easily accessible for my granddaughters to play with them.

Making a fairy garden.

I picked a pot with a little fairy shimmer–just make sure it has good drainage.  Adding hardy succulents are a great choice for easy care. 

Making a fairy garden.

 I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it is to watch little hands create their very own magical mini fairy garden!   (Fill your pot about two thirds full with equal amounts of dirt and mulch for planting, mix it well.) 

Making a fairy garden.

I love that fairy gardens are always evolving…..the accessories are as flexible as the fun imaginations of the little girls playing with them!

Making a fairy garden.

Making a fairy garden.

When making a fairy garden, I think you’ll find the best magic takes place as the love is strengthened between the people making them!

Fairy Stardust quote.

As another school year gets underway, let’s all remember that…

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!”  Eleanor Roosevelt

I’d love to hear about any magical things you’ve done this summer!  What are some of your dreams and goals for the new school year?